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DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – Thunderheart

by DarkJade

Where There Is An Extinguished People… The Shadow Of The Wrong Doers Remain…



That Preview by No Means Captures Remotely the Caliber of This Film…

And Let Me Tell You Why

It All Begins With A Murder

On an Indian Reservation

Which by the way, is one of the Best Scenes in the Film… Filmed Just Beautifully

Enter Val Kilmer’s Character

An FBI Agent, who is basically chosen to be on the case, because he happens to have some Native American Blood

And they’re hoping that this fact helps to get the Natives on the Reservation to Cooperate on the case


But Things are not what they seem…

Or at least, that’s what the Local Res Sheriff goes on to say

But Val Kilmer’s Character is not quickly convinced…

And goes about the case, ‘business as usual’

Hunting down an Activist Leader, The FBI is convinced is behind the murder

Or are they

But while everything seems to head them down an easy road, with a quick arrest…

Val Kilmer’s Past, coupled by a ‘visceral gut instinct’

Leads him down a trail of Self Discovery, and a Very Painful Truth

If you’ve Seen Val Kilmer in “Tombstone”… Then You Know Just How Powerful an Actor he can be… He is simply Brilliant in this Film

Graham Greene is also both Excellent, and Hilarious

And Sam Shepard, also Brilliant

But beyond the Powerful Acting in this Film, the Cinematography is Gorgeous… The Music is both Powerful, and Captivating…

The Story, which is loosely based on real events, is Solid, and Intriguing

This Film is a True, and Actual Mystery… Leading the Watcher down an Absolute Road in which the further the Film goes, the more you find yourself drawn in.

See this Film if you have not… You will definitely not regret it… It’s one of My Favorite Val Kilmer Films.

Thanks for Reading/Watching/Listening