Paris is one of my favourite cities in the whole world and by now you’re already aware of that! If I had to choose another place to live I’m sure the city of the lights would be the lucky winner (however by now I’m very happy with the tranquillity and tradition that Coimbra offers me). I’ve told you before that the view from Notre Dame is , for me, the most beautiful of all and that’s why this header made sense to me.

More about this view: Notre Dame de Paris, Amazing view, The View from the Top

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Lake Bled, in Slovenia was one the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It’s peaceful and perfect for resting. The views of the Bled are mesmerizing and all the blue in this particular one is a pretty cool reminder of the beauty of this amazing lake.

More about Lake Bled:  Blue, Goodbye HolidaysAs Close to Paradise as it gets!

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Londinium at the time of the Roman invasion, Lundenwic in the Saxon times, London as we know it nowadays is indeed an amazing city. Back in the 90s Notting Hill was eternalized in the movie with the same name and the Houses of the Parliament  are unequivocally one the most amazing architecture models of all time.

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S. Miguel is probably the most famous of the 9 Azores Islands. Known as the Green Island it is indeed a fabulous, welcoming and unforgettable place to visit. Due to the generally tepid, oceanic, subtropical climate, with mild annual oscillations these islands allow us to experience an absolutely breath-taking explosion colours, natural beauty and outstanding landscapes.

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Serra da Estrela is is the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal. Situated between the municipalities of Seia, Manteigas, Gouveia, Guarda and Covilhã, it is famous for its bizarrely shaped crags and gorges, mountain streams and lakes, beautiful forests and magnificent views, constituting one of Portugal’s most outstanding scenic attractions.

More about Serra da Estrela: Winter Sun, Mirror Details, Covão da Ametade, Black & Blue, Crystalline Water

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Lowther Castle is located in Penrith, Cumbria and its gardens were abandoned in 1935, but before that they represented centuries of careful cultivation by successive generations of the Lowther family. The castle and its grounds have been transferred to a charity called the Lowther Castle and Gardens Trust a few years back, so that the restoration would begin. Although the site opened to the public in 2011, the full restoration of the garden is expected to take 20 to 25 years. It is a very beautiful place to visit if you’re around The Lake District.

More about Lowther Castle: Lowther Castle in B&W, Lowther Castle

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header 2017

The Gavinhos Windmills, located in Penacova (15 min from Coimbra), constitute a special place, even if partially abandoned. The 14 windmills and the amazing view of the surrounding area make it a perfect spot for a lovely sunset experience. Three of these windmills are still operational, yet only one works nowadays.

More about Penacova: Gavinhos Beauty, The Beauty of the Mondego River, View From Penedo do Castro, Mondego River from Penacova.

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  1. Fabulous pictures – Your Blog has a beautiful look and is easy to read – Thank you

  2. It’s a great idea to collect header annually like this….

  3. Thank you for the follow 🙂 I’m so glad to have found your blog- am really enjoying reading your posts and viewing your photos, I look forward to future entries!

  4. love this post

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  7. patriciarodrigues said:

    Thanks for following me. You’ve got some really great photos, I especially like your headers. São excelentes!

  8. stunning images. great POV’s

  9. Hello! Beautiful photos: you and your camera were made for each other – you are a very successful combination 🙂

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! You have some beautiful photos here-makes me want to come visit! Hoping someday I can…

  11. gorgeous photos – makes me remember all the great times I had visiting some of those destinations – I loved photography back then too but just didn’t have any kind of decent camera – it was a while ago!

  12. Ana – Great panoramic shot of Paris with the MCU of the gargoyle to the left. You have a good eye behind the lens. Keep shooting and I promise to keep viewing. A te logo!

  13. Cool pics !!

  14. Lake Bled: as I see… beautiful place to visit… I’ll keep in my mind… if someday I visit Slovenia (hopefully 🙂

    Thanks for your photos

  15. Ana – I have been to Lake Bled and you are right – it is magical. All the best – Susan

  16. 3wishesstudio said:

    Thank you for visiting my photo blog. You have lovely photos and it looks as though you have traveled to many beautiful places, that I hope to go some day. Love the tranquility of Lake Bled, hope to make it there too. Best, Kim

  17. Verónica said:

    Thanks for visiting AgujasBlog.com. I stopped by to read your blog and really liked the header picture. I get a feeling of tranquility looking at it. Just as I was wondering where this was, I noticed the header link. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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