I happened to read a quote by Bob Marley, the famous Jamaican reggae singer cum songwriter. The quote says “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. So true to my knowledge. Music is an art which soothes the mind and body equally and takes me to a world of happiness, sadness, wistfulness and what not. The intense feeling which I get while listening to my favourite numbers are unfathomable and nothing else could replace music in my life.

I must say that probably because I have been listening to great masterpiece songs by great legends and maestros since childhood, I have this attachment towards music. As a child, I was all wondered about the runs, improvisations, the pitch, the tunes and I wanted to sing exactly like the records. In growing years, I found myself in the clutches of music and my emotions were almost controlled by it. There is one such peculiar feature in music that it takes me to another world of utopia. It has this healing power to balance the body and the wavering moods and within a fraction of second, I find myself much more relaxed. In fact some days are so gloomy and down, and I keep listening to some of my favourite songs and the positive vibe comes from nowhere and am back with such enthusiasm and energy that I forget I was dull and numb a few minutes back.

It is a known fact that music has this ability to transform and influence the whole being in you. Its mood altering qualities have been a great solace for me and it keeps me moving ahead in life. I always prefer melodies and romantic songs which I feel are more filled with emotions and realities in them. Some pieces of music are exquisitely romantic and it soothes and relaxes each nerve and vein of our body.The percussions and orchestration can rejuvenate the spirits and soul within you and put forward a new person as a whole. There are some times I have felt that my life is just beyond my control. The powerful emotions inside me start to form themselves as waves which undulate sinuously inside my mind. The only solution I have ever found was just to listen to some soothing melodies and that has helped me in lot such scenarios. The stress, pressure, humdrums of life, inexorable anger, whims etc. are some kind of endless emotions in a human being and trust me; this so called five letter word “Music” can totally destroy that from life. Music seethes into my mind, keeps me refreshed, revitalizes, invigorates and helps me move in the vicissitudes of life ahead.

These are some of the reasons why I feel music is everything to me. Music has always been a great solace to me in ups and downs of my life. I would rather say music has been and is still a great friend of mine and there is a silent camaraderie I share with it, and I would like to keep this bond for eternity.

Author Bio: I’m Francisco Brannan, a strong music enthusiast and lover of various music genres. I currently work for EssaysOrigin.com, an online essay writing services review site to display best companies from the industry. Music is the only thing that helps me get relaxed out of stress business hours.