[Part 1]

Another effective, strategic approach to healing pain and overcoming diseases is to reload musical pieces that you heard when you were strong, healthy and in control. Childhood, juvenile and youthful memories are indeed very pleasant and soothing, and good music associated with childhood or youthful times indeed help rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. You could give it a good try if you wish and see for yourself what good and vibrant music could do for you.

Good music is like exercising the brain. It may release pleasant brain chemicals called endorphins that give a sense of well being, ready to take on the world on our terms, overcome pain and assist in negative and unpleasant thought management and control mechanism.

The kind of music one hears during pleasant childhood days, and listening to this music instantly brings back happy childhood days, cheerful, carefree and happy memories which could indeed work as tonic for frayed nerves and low temperament.

Another major benefit of soft, cultured music is in sleep domains. Music does act as sleep inducer and soporific that helps gain sleep, especially of insomniacs. The nexus between sleep and good mental and physical health is only too well known. Lack of sleep, or sleep deficits could create mental disorientation, difficulties in remaining focused, or concentrated, could impact memory and recall and in the worst case, could make a patient psychological wreck, incapable of any creative, or constructive functions or actions. Music, especially the kind one loves to hear, could be a soporific tonic that aids sleep and rest for long hours and induces good health.

It could be further stated that there are indeed certain kinds of conditions that cannot be cured through medications, drug regimes or therapy, since these illnesses emanate and are controlled by the mind or psyche. Since the mind is the originator, this is the only cure too. Many people have imagined bodily illnesses, which medical reports heartily disapprove. These are indeed clinical manifestations of mental ailments and need to be psychologically treated. Since pain is body’s reaction to internal malfunctioning, perhaps lack of positive stimuli, like good music could act as panacea and cure also needs to be self generated, like positive and constructive use of music therapy.

Examples of the great maestro, Beethoven’s music is found in here:

Finally, it would be correct to submit that music therapy not only nourishes the mind and enriches the body, but also moves the soul and is a kind of mind and mood healing ambrosia that can cure certain conditions, symptoms or diseases, provided music lovers believe and act on its curative and therapeutic powers, without any kinds of doubts, distrusts or apprehensions.

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