The therapeutic and mind soothing qualities of music therapy and its benefits in the domains of healing and pain conquest have been well documented and known by one and all. Indeed, there are few in the civilized world who is not inspired by good and stirring music and for whom music is indeed the lifeblood of life and living. Since the dawn of organized civilization, music in its inimitable forms and renditions have give pleasures, tranquillity and installed peace for mankind. Even during wartime, soldiers used the therapy of music to soothe their nerves and senses from the adverse effects of brutalities, gory and violence of killing other humans in the name of patriotism. Music Therapy, inexpensive yet effective, is indeed the open sesame of good health, longevity and pain mitigation.

One of the main reasons how music therapy works in benefiting health and reducing pain lies in the fact it is not only soothing to the senses but also has a calming, sedative and tranquilising effect on the mind. Good music is very much like a superb painting, a work of art, or even solid sculpture dedicated to the Gods. When listening to good and heartrending music, one is transported from the miseries and drudgeries of modern living into another peaceful and tranquil planet where there is only solitude, relaxation, peace and contentment, not only within the surroundings, but also with oneself. It rids of the stress, tensions and heartaches of modern day living and ensures the highest levels of peace and satisfaction with the world.

Examples of Mozart’s music can be accessed here:


Indeed, sonorous music has the innate powers to arouse one’s soul, to take one on a seemingly endless, infinite exhilarating and rejuvenating journey through time, place and space, and most of all, to numb all pain and induce soothing and stress –alleviating, rejuvenating symptoms that enthrals body, mind and soul.

Perhaps one of the best ways music benefits healing and reduces pain is that it helps control and contains an agitated mind, full of tenseness, rage and anger. An agitated mind also agitates the body, often giving rise to bodily illness and disease. For the body to be healthy and strong, it is important that the mind also be healthy and robust, free if any kind of malaise, or maladies. Music and music therapy also tends to reduce and alleviate the pain associated with many kinds of painful diseases and unhealthy, chronic conditions, like cancer, AIDS and arthritis, for instance. There are indeed, research evidences that music therapy could significantly reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels, improve functions of heart and arteries and also help in management of mental conditions like depression, anxiety and certain kinds of neurosis. Besides, listening to calming and soothing music does increase cognitive functions like memory, concentration, reasoning; it improves immune systems, elevates mood through release of good feeling producing endorphins and so on. Listening to Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi for instance, lent credence to the reasoning of better pain and emotion management for ‘low’ patients.


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