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… to visit Luang Praband, Laos

Allegedly it’s absolutely a must go out to the street at sunrise and watching the long lines of monks to ask for offerings to their monasteries.


… visitar Luang Prabang, Laos

Alegadamente é absolutamente imperdível sair para a rua ao nascer do sol e observar as longas filas de monges a pedirem oferendas para os seus mosteiros.

Fisherman in shallows of Mekong River.Monk walking down staircase framed by serpent bodies at one of many temples on the slopes of Phu Si. People giving alms (sticky rice) to monks during early morning procession on Thanon Sisavangvong street.Lacquered umbrellas for sale at evening street market. Buddha statue at Wat Xieng Thong, standing in front of mural. Monk studying on wall of Wat Sensoukharam.Monk standing on the steps of Wat Manolom. 

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