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Got up early to go the Post Office to post a load of my souvenirs home (like that cowboy hat and baseball bat) – it must be a universal thing that there is always a queue of at least 15 people in the post office, but the staff were all very helpful.

Got my hair cut it some trendy salon as I didn’t want to walk around any more to look for somewhere cheaper. Fed up of walking around I went on a highly entertaining tour around the city on a motorised tram/car type of vehicle. We got plenty of views of many of the parks around San Francisco and the downtown area – plenty of pics as usual. I got some nice pics of the Pacific – in a few days I would be seeing the South Pacific!

Motorised Tour Route IMG_9097 IMG_9118 IMG_9117 IMG_9129 IMG_9150

As with all tour guides they all attempt to be comedians. I liked his description of San Franciscan drivers – honking on the horn means “I love you” and laying on it it “I love you very much”!

IMG_9173 IMG_9181 IMG_9193 IMG_9204 IMG_9206 IMG_9168 IMG_9098_stitch IMG_9074_stitch IMG_9150_stitch The Route from the day

Left the hostel early to get my cab to the airport and to say bye bye to the USA and hello South America!