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This day started quite slowly.Did some laundry in the morning and managed to find and get my photos all backed up to DVD – hence this is why you can see them all now. (In fact I realised 4 years late I haven’t actually uploaded the ones from this day!)


Walked up the road from my hostel and had a look at the new St Mary’s Cathedral. IMG_8936 IMG_8946 IMG_8952 Plenty more walking later all the way down to Bay 30, where i saw the Richard Bonhomme amphibious assault carrier because it was Navy Day – hence the Navy Officer’s hat from the other day. After an hour long wait out in the sun which was worth it. IMG_8958 The marines on board explained all the kit they had on board. The hovercraft, vehicles and numerous guns all displayed neatly around. As usual I asked plenty of questions! IMG_8970 IMG_8979 IMG_8978 IMG_8982 Sadly on the deck all the aircraft had been taken away 😦 . They did have a big crane which was exciting but not as much as a deck full of aircraft would have been! IMG_8989 IMG_8986 IMG_8996 IMG_8991 IMG_9006 href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdd/3401294685/”>IMG_8997_stitch IMG_8959_stitch In the evening I meet up with my friend Aislin who went to the same uni for a term and her frien Dani, we walked around a bit, up to Lomabard Street. IMG_9017 IMG_9031 IMG_9029 IMG_9028 Wangled our way back to Japan town where we went to Benihama (or however its spelt) where the chefs cook it in front of you – plenty of knife waving and chopping, not the greatest of tasting but very entertaining. Todays Route and Pics