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Although the USA trip had ended my adventure had not! I had a few more days in San Francisco so I wanted to make the most of it. In the morning I went and managed to work out the correct tram to get from my hostel down to the sea front and back down to pier 42 and met up with some of the group. I had bought tickets last night in the hotel to go to Jail – well specifically the big famous one sitting in the bay! We had an expensive breakfast in one the nearby many restaurants and boarded the ferry.

IMG_8748 IMG_8748 IMG_8759 IMG_8753

We got to the island which is now a National Park – which of course means more Park Rangers! Up the slope and into the prison where we had an audio tour. I kept trying to spot the bits where Nick Cage was standing(from the film) however

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What I liked about visting Alcatraz was that very little has been done to alter it so when you visit that it is you can really sense the atmosphere and you can imagine the notorious criminals sitting in their cells.

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Outside you get some pretty views of San Fransisco as well from the Rock. Most of the group left early I stayed a bit more on the island and took plenty more pictures of the bay.

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I got the boat back and then went for a bit of walk exploring – I eventually found my way to Coit Tower and paid the modest fee. I timed in perfectly to see the sunset and you can see what I saw 🙂

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Decided to walk back to the hostel and save a $1.50 on the bus, it was all downhill and I got a feel of the city and right trhough Chinatown. Later in the evening went to the hotle were the others were staying and had pizza and beer and we all said bye bye.

The Route and More Pics IMG_8888