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My li’l sister is marrying a British Boy in two months. Now, we’ve both been brought up in a near global fashion – what with our parents being globe-trotters and having many friends from overseas visiting and staying with us. Sometimes though, no matter how international our upbringing, India seeps in. We don’t really notice it as much till we’re in the middle of sharing some story or the other over a drink and we suddenly realise, the other guy would probably not understand why we were so bizarre and still not sound like this guy.


But there are ways, no matter how deceptive the accent or the looks, that you can spot an Indian.

We never throw anything away – 


Broken china, Pepsi bottles and take away containers included. Perhaps it’s an unwritten rule that you never throw away anything that is gifted or that has been of really good use but no matter how much I have tried to get my extended family to either re-cycle or throw away their old stuff, including buying them new and fancier crockery, they only get put in those infamous show cases.

Our house is a shrine – 

Like all Indians, we have a “showcase” bang in the middle of our living and dining rooms filled with things that we don’t need, never use and those that keep you up at night with their stares. And since we’re catholic, most of the presents we receive which are then hoarded makes it feel like we could kill Damien Omen even before he enters our house.


Yes, you can thank me later! 🙂