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… to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Mix together a beautiful European-like city with attractive residents (call them porteños), gourmet cuisine, awesome shopping, a frenzied nightlife and top-drawer activities, and you get Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan metropolis with both slick neighborhoods and equally downtrodden areas”

Lonely Planet


… visitar Buenos Aires, na Argentina

"Misture uma linda cidade europeia com moradores atraentes (chamá-los-emos porteños), cozinha gourmet, lojas incríveis, uma vida noturna frenética e  atividades de top, e temos Buenos Aires, uma metrópole cosmopolita com ambos os bairros escorregadios e áreas igualmente oprimidas."

Lonely Planet


Waitress with wine bottle and two glasses preparing to attend table inside Cafe Buenos Aires restaurant, Baixa (downtown) district. Graffiti in Centro Cultural Recoleta, Argentina. La Bombonera Club Atletico Boca Juniors.Palacio del Congreso, on Plaza del Congreso.City buildings at corner of Florida and Juan D Peron Streets. Interior of El Ateneo bookstore, Avenida Santa Fe, Recoleta.Onion-shaped towers of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, San Telmo.Colourful houses in La Boca, Buenos Aires The Casa Rosada and Monument to General Manuel Belgrano, in Plaza de Mayo. Casa Rosada presidential palace.Balconies in El Caminito.  

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