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After waking up bright and early(!) we headed back onto our road trip and headed west across the border to New Mexico. The country side out of the window became blander and bleaker until we were driving through the desert with only miles and miles of shrubs.

We go to the town of Roswell – there seemed to be a common theme running through the town – aliens, this after about 10 minutes got boring.

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As is compulsory for a town of this notoriety we stopped off we stopped off at the bonkers UFO museum which was as implied from outside was pretty much of the same calibre inside.

IMG_6730 IMG_6729 IMG_6735 IMG_6732

We stopped off for lunch and then departed as quickly as we came and headed south, towards White City near Carlsbad.

IMG_6737 IMG_6738

After unpacking we headed up the road towards Carlsbad Caverns as the sun set to see millions of millions of bats fly out the cave. Sadly the pictures came out pretty awful on my little Ixus. As the sun set we left the entrance of the caverns and drove back to our camp sites (to find we had been raided by Racoons!)

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