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Texas. Apologises for the title… I couldn’t resist! Having started in Oklahoma we packed up our tents and went back on to the road and on the way we came off the interstate and drove along the iconic Route 66. We stopped off at probably one of the oddest museums I;ve ever been to – The Route 66 Museum.


The entire site is made of replica frontier/mid western style buildings. Each building itself was a little museum in it self – containing things from Doll collections and stamp collections to Civil War wigs and hats!

Despite the eccentricities there were a few buildings which detailed the history of the route. Plenty of pictures included of the various buildings they had on the site.

IMG_6599 IMG_6608 IMG_6615 IMG_6636 IMG_6647 IMG_6634

After browsing around for a while back on the bus and back on the road – heading west in to Texas. Yeehah! (Sorry again)

On the road to Amarillo we stopped off to this art sculpture. A load of Cadillacs half buried in the ground covered in graffiti. Part of the sculpture is adding your own – so all the spray cans in the back of the van found a use ( I’m guessing it was for this!), so it was only right to make a contribution. On the way back to the bus the guys admired a purple hot rod while the girls got the passing lorries to honk their horns!

IMG_6670 IMG_6673 IMG_6685

We got to the campsite as the sun was slowly setting and we were greeted by the drone of a V22 Osprey doing circuits (guess what my other passion is..). We were picked up a limo with horns on the front and off to the famous Big Texan. Its famous for its 72oz steak, which if you eat within an hour you get it for free. I managed a modest 16oz which was delicious. While we ate the band played at our table.

IMG_6706 IMG_6710 IMG_6709 IMG_6708 IMG_6713

View the route here