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DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – The Karate Kid

by DarkJade

Some Meaningful Films Come In The Simplest Of Packages… Some Challenges Merely Take Focus…

The Karate Kid…

Maybe it’s because I was a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s that this Film really hit home for me… Or maybe it’s because I was brought up by a Single Mom that didn’t have a lot of Money… Like Daniel. Though I had a Brother Around, so I was not a Single Child. I also had two sisters, but they weren’t around much.

Whatever it was, “The Karate Kid” had a very Profound Meaning to me.

There is an Abundance of Messages in this Film… Take that Scene Above.

Bullying is something that has never gone away for kids in schools… Never.

Making that Scene, and many of the scenes, completely relevant, even now.

I Was a Shy Kid Growing Up… And My Brother and I missed a lot of School in Junior High… Mainly because My Mom was fairly “Anti Public” School…

Though She couldn’t afford to send us to Private School.

And so kids harassed My Brother and I when we’d miss a few days in a row on occasion.

Mom meant well… But in the end, it made going to School pretty terrible.

On the flip side, we had an Amazing, Creative Childhood.

Beyond the Bullying in this Film, there’s also the Idea of “Simplicity”… Which is shown by the Miyagi Character.

Simplicity… Focus… Dedication.

All Immensely Valuable Lessons, that can be Used in Every Area of Life.

Daniel wasn’t just some “Gifted” Martial Artist who merely needed to be shown the way…

He was a Normal Kid, with a Huge Heart, and his Pain and Suffering mainly acted as a Catalyst to Improve Himself.

Granted, The Music is a bit Dated in this Film, Lol

But The Ideals of Simplicity, Focus, Heart, Dedication and Belief in One’s Self that “YOU” can Achieve things in your life, and overcome Obstacles, and/or Hindrances on your Path, Remain True.

This Next Video Clip is of the Final Scenes in the Film, if for some reason you haven’t seen the Film, you may not want to watch it.

Like I say, maybe it’s just because I was a Kid in the 70’s and 80’s, as I Loved The Original Rocky As Well… And this Film Definitely Caught some of that Triumph that was felt in that Film as well.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Watching/Listening