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DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – Seabiscuit

What do you get when you put Tragedy, Adversity, Spirit and Heart together in the Form of Three Men And A Horse…


I had only seen this Film Once maybe 4 or 5 years ago, and I hadn’t seen it in the Theater.

For the longest time I remember being so impressed by it, and surprised I hadn’t heard more about it.

Recently I made a point of watching it, and I Loved it even more.

Not only did it have Three of My Favorite Actors in it Tobey Maguire (Who I believe was injured in the making of this Film, which ended up causing a Delay in the Filming of Spiderman)

Jeff Bridges who I think is Just Brilliant in general…

And Chris Cooper, who is just a Special Actor in General.

But I tell you, it was The Three of These Actors, and Characters Combined that Truly Made up The Heart of this Film…

The Three of These Characters come together with one Common Goal… To Take a Horse that’s been Taught to Lose…

And Defeat The Greatest Horse at that Time… Even though it had Better Breeding… And was Larger.

But it’s The Road That Leads Each of These Three Men Together, that Truly Defines Them… From The Worst Kind of Tragedy, To Being Beat Down by their Given Realities… Any of the Three of Them Could have just given up… But they didn’t.

No instead they Found Love in, and From One Another, which took the Form of a Beautiful, Spirited, Large Hearted Animal known as Seabiscuit.

I will say that this Film might feel a tad “Long” at times (I believe it’s 2 Hours 30 Mins Long), but I think that has to do with a Special Aspect of the Film that kind of Runs as a Line in and out throughout it, more than the actual length of the Film…

This Line is what I would call a “Dash” of “Documentary”… And when I say a Dash, I mean a Dash… Once in a while there will a Scene that shows Shots of Actual Footage from the time (As this is based on a True Story), which I find both “Charming”, and “Interesting”… If they were to leave these short “Splashes” of Reality from the Film, I think it would have made The Film something Less than it is… Which is a True Film of Fighting Against, and Through Great Adversity, and Coming Through on the Other Side, A Changed, Happier, Stronger and Better Human Being.

Watch it… Even if it takes you a couple nights to make it through it… It’s Worth it.