After another early start and some guest I found outside my tent when I was packing up and leaving our campsite at Lake Eerie before another long drive. This time it was to Cleveland, Ohio. There we went to the Rock and Roll Museum – a big shiny glass pyramid on the water front.

Sadly no pics from inside as they were pretty fussy about that –but I’m sure there are plenty of them on the web already. I took plenty of the outside though!

Inside they had everything spanning form the birth of modern pop and rock to modern rock – everything from Elvis and Jimi Hendrix’s Guitars to Madonna’s diary entries to Michael Jackson’s White Gloves.

After a browse around the waterfront and plenty more pics some lunch and off to our next stop Louisville, (Luh-ville its pronounced or however you like as no-one was consistent) in Kentucky.

We got to the campsite just north of the town and we order a pizza and I still remember the friendly lady with a stereotypical Kentucky/Southern accent who delivered it!

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