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DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – Good Will Hunting

There are Four Films I think of when I think of Different Parts of My Personality…

One of these Films, is “Good Will Hunting

Now I’ve never been exactly sure why this is, as I was Never Physically Abused as a Child… And, I’ve never really had to deal with “Inner Rage” like he does in this Film.

Perhaps it’s his Affinity towards Math, as Math has always been one of My Favorite Subjects, alongside Creative Writing.

Or Perhaps His Uncanny Intuitiveness in This Film… Wait a minute, am I inferring that I Have “Uncanny Intuitiveness”??

Lol, lets move on…

At The Very Core of this Film are These Two Actors Above… Matt Damon, and Robin Willimans… Now I’m going to assume Most of you have seen this Film, but if you Haven’t… You Must.

Though Robin Williams was the one that Walked Away with One of This Film’s Two Academy Awards (As Best Supporting Actor), Matt Damon is No Slouch Himself…

One would Assume that Damon is a Pretty Brilliant Guy, or at least from My Perspective he is, but in his Portrayal as Will Hunting, An Emotionally Compromised, Angry Genius… His Performance is Good Enough to… Well… Secure the Next Thirty Years of His Career, lol

Nuff Said… His Ability to Demonstrate “Raw” Vulnerability to the Point in which you can practically feel the Beating of His Heart In Your Own Chest… Well… It’s True. The Performance in and of itself, is Genius.

In Addition to Robin Williams and Matt Damon’s Stellar Performances, is an Exquisite Performance by an Actor by the name of Stellan Skarsgard in the Ever Pressing, Pushing, Demanding Character of Prof. Gerald Lambeau… Robin William’s (Who Plays a Psychologist Turned Teacher) old College Roommate, and to a degree, his Nemesis.

Though Lambeau Readily admits that William’s Character has always been the Smarter of the two.

Then of course there’s Will’s Best Friend Chuckie Sullivan (Played by Ben Affleck who also Co-Wrote The Screenplay with Matt Damon, and The Two of them Took Home the Film’s Second Oscar for it). Chuckie is Will’s “Loyal To The End”, “Known em For Life”, “Take a Bullet for em” Buddy.

And Minnie Driver as Will’s Love Interest, Skylar.

And The Rest of Will’s Pack of “We’re Never Goina Go Far In Life, But At Least We Have One Another” Crew, lol One of which is Ben Affleck’s Actual Brother, Casey Affleck in the Red, White and Black Jacket.

I Imagine My own “Affinity” (Woo Hoo got to use that word twice in one post, lol Great Word) to this Film, beyond The Math, and Beyond Damon’s Uncanny Intuitiveness, and Beyond the Fact that Robin Williams was basically My Favorite Actor at the Time that this Film came out, is the fact that it “Heavily” Delves into the Realm of “Psychology”…

In My Experience, Most People either “Don’t Care” about Psychology, or Simply “Don’t Wanta Hear It”… I on the other hand, actually grew up in a house where My Mom not only did some Counseling to Survive a Divorce, and the fact that she was left with Four Kids… But she then went on to do “Years” of Training in it, and I basically sucked up every drop of it… I just found it Fascinating… Sadly, My other Three Siblings Can’t Stand Psychology for the most part, though My Oldest Sister does seem to be coming around

To me “Psychology” is “The Lens”… Basically the “Soul” if you will of a Person, has to travel through “This Lens”, and on the other side, wola, comes Their Personality, lol

There for, the “Darker” the Lens (Meaning the more issues someone has that they haven’t dealt with), the more it Affects Their “Personality”… Or something like that, lol That’s about as “In A Nutshell” as I’m goina try to get with this Analogy, lol Bottom Line, Deal With/Work On Your Own Issues as much as you can, in order to “Truly Be Who You Are”…

Nuff Said

Brilliant Film

See it

Thanks for Reading/Listening/Watching