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After an uncomfortable night (plenty more of those to come) the routing of breakfast, packing all the tents away and back on to the bus there was going to be a another long drive. The first big stop was the Niagara falls – I won’t go though all the facts and figures about it thats what wikipedia is for but annoyingly it was difficult to get shots closer from the top. The more impressive built upside however is on the Canadian side no chance of going across as there is no guarantee of getting back in to the US.

However the smaller Bridal falls are found on the US side, some pics below.

And as customary for all tourist – to dress up in a fetching blue mac (by coincidence I still have it as souvenir – I mange to find it when I was tidying!) The boat takes you right underneath (well almost) to experience the biggest power shower of your life. Foruntately they don’t do go that close but its certainly load and deafening and you can feel the wind from that hug amount of water. We parked up a bit more of awl around the park – quick lunch and a some cheeky snaps of the statue of Tesla there. Apparently he fiddled around doing test with hydroelectric dams nearby.  
Any was as with the rest of the trip there was plenty more driving. We got to the campsite near Lake Eire on sunset and I had the opportunity to take some beautiful pics before the sunset and bed time for the next days driving!

Click here for more pics and to see the route.