Today’s post will be slightly different from what you’re used to see here at 1001 Scribbles. Yes… That’s it! I’ll be brave and try to write a Book Review!

imageLast week our guest author James Mahoney (DarkJade), from The Written Word, The Dark Globe and Dark Xperience was kind enough to consider me to read and review his recently published poetry book Winter, Lust and Wonder.

Well… By now, those of us who follow any of his blogs or even his Series – Films of Meaning – in this blog, are already aware of his talent as a writer and agree with me when I claim I expected nothing but  a great work from him.

I don’t usually have the habit of reading a lot of poetry. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that sometimes I don’t have the energy to concentrate on the poem so that I’ll understand its meaning. (I’m a bit lazy sometimes, I admit). Moreover, I rarely read poetry in English… Maybe a couple of Shakespeare Sonnets and some poems by William Blake but I think that’s about it. Having Portuguese as my first language and with so many brilliant Portuguese poets most of the time Sophia de Mello Breyner, Fernando Pessoa or even Luis de Camões are the ones that get my attention.

To me Poetry is about sharing feelings and emotions through words, it’s about telling a story but leaving some parts open for discussion, it’s about challenging the reader to use his imagination and  ponder the exact meaning of what he’s just read.

Winter, Lust and Wonder has plenty of what I’ve mentioned above as James Mahoney offers us new experiences and emotions in every poem. He chooses each word carefully so that at the end they’ll actually mean something to the readers, so that they’ll matter. And they DO matter!

My favourite poems were A Grip on the Darkness for de dynamic of the words as it evolves and Utopia for encouraging our desires to make the difference.

Here you’ve got the Links to where he’s selling the Book –  DarkJade Publishing and Amazon.com – and his Main Blog’s Page mentioning it.