DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – Amistad

by DarkJade

First of all, I’d like to say Thank You to Ana who has given me the Opportunity to be a Guest Author on her Site.

Ana’s Site is one of My Favorite Sites to Follow, it is Creative, Informational and Inspirational.

That said, welcome to The First of my New Film Series, DarkJade’s Films of Meaning.

A Series I’ve Created for Ana’s Site, and one I hope you Enjoy.


Recently I sat down to watch one of my Favorite Steven Spielberg Films… Amistad.

Now I’m not sure if you’ve seen this Film, but if you haven’t, you should.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but during the course of Steven Spielberg’s Career, he generally makes what you might call Block Busters, followed by a Film more filled of… For lack of a better word, “Meaning”, lol

This Trend Really Began back in 1985, with the Film, The Color Purple.

Also an Excellent Film, and basically, a Must See for anyone who Desires Depth from Films.


1985 – The Color Purple – (Depth)

1987 – Empire of the Sun – (Depth) – A Phenomenal Film by the way

1989 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – (Block Buster)


1989 – Always – (Depth)

1991 – Hook – (Block Buster)

1993 – Jurassic Park – (Block Buster)

1993 – Schindler’s List – (Depth) – And, Amazing

1997 – The Lost World:Jurassic Park (Block Buster) – Hmm, I think I blocked this one out, lol

1997 – Amistad – (Depth)

1998 – Saving Private Ryan – (Depth)

You see how that works… It’s something that I noticed back when they were being made, particularly from 1985-1998.

My Theory was/is, The Block Busters help to secure the Budgets of The Films of More Meaning… And/Or Depth.

Which helped to allow Steven to do the Films he really wanted to do. Not that he didn’t want to do the “Fun” Money Making Movies, but you know what I mean.









Back to Amistad.

The Story of Amistad is a bit of a Complicated one…

The Story Begins with a Group of Africans on the Ship Amistad, or La Amistad… That have been Illegally taken from Africa, brought to a place called a “Slave Fortress”, sold, and given New Names to hide the fact that they are indeed Africans.

They are then to be delivered to Cuba, but during the Trip the slaves, lead by a Slave named Cinque, overtake the Amistad, and force the Captain to take them back to Africa.

This, however, does not occur, as the Captain changes the Direction of the Ship.

Which leads to my Favorite Scene, and Shot in the Film… Start The Clip Below at about the 6:00 Mark, and it will lead to my Favorite Scene/Shot, when Cinque, by looking at the Night Sky, is able to determine that they are not heading to Africa… He then takes the Wheel himself, and steers the Ship back on course, by looking up at the Stars… Look at how the Starlight Reflects off his Skin… Truly Remarkable… Spielberg at his Absolute Best

I find myself out of time, and so let me Finish with this… The Cinematography is Gorgeous, the Directing is Masterful, The Story is Beyond Meaningful, The Cast and Acting is Tremendous… And the Music, just Beautiful

This Film, is Meaningful…

Thanks for Reading/Listening